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London Festival of Architecture - Building the Cinematic: Phase II

  • The NINES 133 Copeland Road London, England, SE15 3SN United Kingdom (map)

“Cinema is shamelessly anthropocentric.

Cinema is absorbed with human centred narrative.

Architecture must reassert itself in this realm, reverse this paradigm and bend cinema to its will the way it does with people.”

Building the Cinematic seeks to establish a form of architecturally dependent cinema. Through the creation of a series of architecturally dependent camera rigs, films and other materials, the fabric of architecture becomes an active element in the cinematic production process. The project proposes a shift away from apparatus such as tripods, cranes and dollies, in favour of equipment which allows for alternative interactions with the built environment and a reevaluation of the architecture we think we understand through the process of filmmaking. Architecture becomes the tripod. It seeks to express the totality of architectural space on film as opposed to a flat entity.

Building the Cinematic comes to the LFA in the form of a work in progress show, exhibiting some new camera rigs, films and graphical materials which expand the thesis and framework of the project. Amongst this will be proposals created in collaboration with architects focused around the site of the Southbank Centre, exploring how architecture and film practices can intersect to produce truly architecturally dependent films.

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