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Women's Orgasm w/ LSHS / Sisterhood Festival

  • The NINES 133 Copeland Road London, England, SE15 3SN United Kingdom (map)

Day 2 of the Sisterhood In Print Festival!

Dr. Lovesex / How I learned to stop worrying about male ejaculation and love myself.

This workshop looks to draw on inspiration from Sex Positive activism, which can span from abstinence to your wildest sexual fantasies, as long as all parties are informed, comfortable and enthusiastic; prioritising clear, uncoerced, consent. Leaving male pleasure to the side, the workshop will concentrate on orgasms of self-identifying women, gender and non binary! 

‘The 'Love Sex, Hate Sexism' collective came together in the wake of a sexual assault that happened within the London punk scene. The survivor of the sexual assault had the courage to stand up against her attacker. Eventhough her attacker readily admitted to it he had a series of excuses so she still faced a backlash for standing up to him. Which sadly didn’t surprise us but did piss us off. Her voice also brought forward a flood of similar stories, also from within the scene. Stories that had previously remained silent for fear of facing the same reprisal she faced or because the survivors knew their stories would simply be ignored. Sexual assault is too normalised within our culture, which then makes it acceptable. We felt that something had to be done.’ 

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