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NINES Music Bandstand @ Peckham Festival

A whole weekend celebrating creative and cultural Peckham in and around Copeland.

Line-up for our outdoor bandstand stage:

1pm Winnie & The Rockettes

Original Rock, Funk and Soul from the honey-voiced Winnie and her Rockettes. If Prince had been a girl ....

2pm Tashkezar 

Gloriously upbeat Balkan and Arabic super band. Opa!

4pm Owl Parliament Choir

Eclectic choral arrangements from Ellie Rose Rusbridge's immensely special South London community choir. From Fleetwood Mac to Bulgarian wedding songs and everywhere in between, we love hosting Owl Parliament.

5pm Kadialy Kouyate

Born into the great line of the Kouyaté Griots in Southern Senegal, Kadialy Kouyate’s kora music has been appreciated in many prestigious venues worldwide. A singer songwriter inspired by the West Africa Griot repertoire, Kadialy has also been featured in many collaborative albums and projects in the last decade including Mumford & Sons and Baaba Maal.

6.30pm The Relatives (From the Relatively Good Radio Show) 

The Relatives turn everyday London life into folk legend, writing at least one song each week about events, people or places in the capital for their live music show - so far on topics from Nunhead, Peckham, Getting lost on the underground, Climbing the Shards a la Greenpeace, Work, Bob Crowe, Jesus went to New Cross on the Ginger Line, Smash and Grab Robbery in Brent Cross, The Lost Rivers of London and so many more. 

+ DJing from Barry’s Lounge