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ABC presents a PRINCE

ABC presents a PRINCE themed charity fundraiser party for Tonic, music for mental health. Raffle, piñata and Prince on the decks all night.

For this edition of ABC presents it seems only right that they pay tribute to the music legend, Prince. Now whether you were a fan or not (are you mad?), this man’s talent for writing the best funk, disco and guitar licks have sculpted the modern music scene and we can’t thank him enough, he will be truly missed.

Over the course of the night you can expect to hear records from the Prince back catalogue along side all things infused with disco and funk. Helping us deliver a night jam packed with racy records are the English Disco Lovers DJs.

The English Disco Lovers movement aims to reclaim the EDL acronym from the English Defence League by subverting their hatred with humour, they plan to make EDL stand for equality and acceptance instead of Islamophobia, racism and violence. They hope to support the utopian vision of disco, promoting the mantra of “one world, on race, one disco”. Expect disco, nu-disco and a bit of house to keep things moving, underlined by a bucket load of fun.

In order to make sure this purple party is as colourful as it ought to be we encourage you to don your glamour garms. To help things along we will be stocking a big old fancy dress box at the venue and you can expect décor to boot. (Did someone say Princey Piñata?)

£7 advance tickets on RA

10pm - 4am

See you on the dance floor