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The Performance Studio

In Summer 2015 The Performance Studio has taken up new residence at The Nines on the Copeland Estate in Peckham, in a dedicated space leading off the main café and bar. Throughout May, June and July a curated programme of events encompassing performance, screenings and talks with invited artists and guest speakers will take place on Wednesday evenings; with a new series of artist residencies due to launch in the autumn.

Kurt Schwitters composed and performed iterations of his seminal work Ursonate over ten years, from 1922 to 1932. Now held up as a key example of sound poetry, the work employs an invented, nonsense language as a means of eliciting a wild range of abstract sounds from a solo vocalist. The title translates directly as 'Original Sonata', implying a musical basis. 

Neil Luck and Adam de la Cour take this as a starting point to 'arrange', or possibly 'orchestrate' the work for two performers, splitting the realisation of the piece physiologically between player A's larynx, and player B's vocal tract articulators. Perversely though, this is an anti-urtext Ursonate - an erred interpretation of a major work in Kurt's oeuvre.

Admission Free

Photo credit: Dimitri Djuric