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The Shipping Forecast

A night that throws all that stuffy, windswept, forlorn yearning to the fishes!

Master jugglers of words, music and behaviour Stan Skinny and Alabaster DePlume bring you an evening flooded with hilarity and talent.

Between the appearance of George the Shark, The Little Mermaid, tales from across the ages, the Narwahl Parliament Band and the Naff Raffle, you can comfortably anticipate these celebrated guests:

‘Stand-up Poet’ ROB AUTON has been played on the radio by Jarvis Cocker, Cerys Matthews and Scroobius Pip and shown on the television by BBC1 and Channel 4. They call him “Funny, baffling and deeply moving” (The Telegraph) and “Charming, eccentric and uplifting” (The Independent)

JENNIFER EVANS wrings the senses through jazz and punk attitudes with her powerful and dynamic singing voice. 

Also featuring! Liam Gallagher’s Book Review, and Sting’s Message in a Bottle......